Mizuno Running Clinic Graduates 2/e

It was my second attempt to join the Mizuno running clinic. My reason? I didn’t complete the first one. I couldn’t go out of the house because of Typhoon Emong (international codename Chan-hom) which brought lots of rains one Thursday night. I decided to might as well make up for it the second time around. I gave it another shot during its second edition this year but (again) I missed one day due to a previous commitment. The consequence? I didn’t get my running club card again. But it was OK. Even if I didn’t have it, I have found new friends instead. What more could I ask for?

The relay competition was part graduation requirement and part just-for-fun-activity by Coach Ige. Each group was composed of four members and with members of a team take turns running the whole stretch-1.2-kilometer run-around Bonifacio High Street. Each had to carry a bottle of Gatorade, where upon reaching the venue had to down Gatorade drink first before the next member could run. It was a no-frills race but everyone had fun.

In the photo below, you would see the guys in front beamed with pride. Who wouldn’t? They won second during the relay race. Congratulations, guys!

L-R: (front) Marvin (Nutty Bunny), Bryan (Planettrumania), Timmy (Kenkoy Runner), Sam (Running Ninja); (standing) Raf (Runtimer), Yours truly, Gail (Gailcon), Neil (Crash Burn), Carina (Flying Boar), Yan, Rico (By Sheer Will), Julie (Dyule), and Rachel (Eichbar)

Just one of our drills. Coach Ige (in red shirt) led the runners.

The second edition graduates of 2009 with me nowhere to be found. I was still doing my long run when this picture was taken.

Some of the first edition graduates of 2009.
L-R: Lugs, Allyn, Yours truly, Dave (partly hidden), Maui, Coach Ige, Erick (partly hidden), Timmy, and Gabo

Thanks Coach Ige for your expertise and patience. Many thanks to Mizuno BHS staff for a wonderful experience ensuring our safety during our 5k races and that we had ample supply of Gatorade and water during each session. Kudos to Mizuno for the freebies!

(Photos Courtesy of Bryan and Allyn)