My 5K Race Against Raze at the Bonifacio Global City

18 March 2012 – I arrived at the venue very early, with enough time to leisurely walk towards the starting line. Along the way I passed lots of runners. They must be 16Kers, the first group to take off in the race. From afar, I could hear the emcee made a few words welcoming the participants of each race category. There were a lot of runners at the starting line. Not bad for a fun run since there were other races going on in other parts of the metro.
I used the available time to do some warm up and stretching exercises. My, my, not one familiar face in this race, I muttered to myself. Oh, well, what the heck, you only need to run in 30 minutes or so then you’re done, I said to myself again.

At the starting line, I observed that the crowd was composed of parents with their teenage children, some teens taking their photos, newbies based on their running attire, and other runners in all shapes and sizes.

Ten seconds before 5:40 AM, the countdown began and the starter released, to my estimate, not more than a thousand 5K runners and most swept down the road as if being chased by bulls. This is a classic mistake of a beginning runner. They run fast as they can, even out of breath, suddenly stop,  and then crash and burn their race goal even before reaching the finish line.  

The certificate is still definitely in! Yes, after finishing a thirty-minute plus, plus (official results: 0:32.15) 5K race on Sunday; I received a finisher’s certificate as reward. It surely brought me back in the early part of 2007 where runners get certificates after finishing a good run. 
The 5K race was a test to my training program for the past two months. Yeees! My race pace is back! Some more abs exercises are needed though to get rid of these mini pan de sals or monays around the belly! Ha-ha!
Seriously, I need more core training as I’m really lagging in this area.
Overall, the event was a success.  Kudos to the race organizer for starting on time, to the marshals who also cheered on the runners plus hydration was not a problem. The distance, based on my Garmin Forerunner,  was really a 5-kilometer race.  A spray of water from a fire truck was also made available near the finish line to cool off runners.  To top it off, race results came out early, too!
My entry to this race wouldn’t be possible if not for Rhix Gabriel of Pep Squad Events and Marketing Services, Inc., who sent me the invite to run for free in their event. Thank you so much Ms. Rhix. 
I was also glad to be part of the fire safety and prevention advocacy through this fun run led by the Philippine Institute of Quezon City Alumni Association. 

I take my hats off to Pep Squad Team and the Philippine Institute of Quezon City Alumni Association for this opportunity!

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