Natural Quality Corporation Thanks All Participants of the Go Natural Run 2012

Last January 15, the first Go Natural fun run was held at the Bonifacio Global City. I really looked forward to joining this run, but come race day, for some reason my body just wouldn’t let me. I missed running this event.

Anyhow, please read the full text of Natural Quality Corporation’s Go Natural Run 2012 e-mail to runners:


Thank you for participating in Go Natural Run 2012. We were so happy to have you there. Here is the link to the video documentation of the run we prepared for you:

Did you like the way the race was organized? Would you like another one from us?

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. As part of our company advocacy, we are thinking of mounting another run to continue our mission of spreading early awareness about this disease. As makers of Ampalaya Plus, we believe that diabetes is a disease that can be stopped with proper education. Do you have any suggestions? Would you pledge to run this November for this cause?

We would love to hear from you.

President, NQC