Organique Acai Unveiled

What started as a concept back in 2008 has grown to be an internationally expanding wellness brand that captivated the hearts and tummies of families.

The freshly minted makover of Organique Acai packaging was unveiled on July 28 at the Makati Shangri-la including its newest celebrity endorser supermodel Tweetie De Leon Gonzalez.


Organique Acai began five years ago through the teamwork of husband and wife Elton and Cathy Salimbangon who worked in the United States at the time. Their hectic schedule left them feeling sluggish and stressed until Elton found a job with an organic juice manufacturing company in California and discovered the need to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their busy schedules.

The couple saw an opportunity to create a beverage that would supplement people’s daily health needs without having to sacrifice time or budget. After putting in the research work, they decided to go for it.

“According to the food scientists at our Research and Development, acai berries are by far the king of berries and widely considered a superfood. It has been part of the diets of the Amazon natives,” says Cathy.

In 2010, Elton and Cathy left California to setup Organique in the Philippines. They first sold the bottles door-to-door until these were made available in drug stores and supermarkets.  A quick online research would show the many health benefits of acai berry, eg, weight control, cleansing, stress and asthma relief, digestion, detoxification among others.

As the company grew and evolved, the Salimbangons felt the need to do something about Organique’s packaging.  “In order to thrive in a global market, we enlisted the help of a top designer we met during the Organic and Natural Health Show in London last year,” says Cathy. “This new label incorporates nature in a simple yet elegant manner. With this, we aim to reach consumers worldwide and showcase our premium-quality organic products.”

Ms. Cathy Salimbangon (right) explaining to media how Organíque Açaí Berry came about
Owner Cathy Salimbangon (right) explaining to media how Organíque Açaí Berry came about

In line with this, the couple invited Tweetie to be the newest face of Organique.  “Ms. Tweetie exemplifies our brand’s values. She has maintained a healthy lifestyle and at 52, is reaping the benefits,” says Cathy. “She is a working mother of four who not only built herself a career as a supermodel but also as a businesswoman. She is the epitome of the saying—health is wealth.”

Along with these changes, Cathy and Elton would take Organique on a roadshow in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, and California to promote the product. Their TV show, Organique TV, would continue to showcase informative episodes that would promote health and wellness.

Organíque Açaí Berry Premium Blend is a concentrated acai drink supplement.  Organique Acai Freeze-Dried Capsules 650mg is composed of pure acai freeze-dried powder. It contains no fillers and other chemicals. All products are USDA (certified organic in the USA), non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

Mr. Johnny Litton as host of said event
Johnny Litton hosting Organíque California launch

Organique Acai is available at Mercury Drug, Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, Pure Pharmacy, and South Star Drug. Visit for more information.