Seventh Year Anniversary of Blogging

This post took much longer than it should have because I spent months tweaking the article and couldn’t seem to finish it.  I came up with this idea a few minutes ago.  Today, November 30, Sunday, various events (including running events) are staged in different places in the country to celebrate the 151st birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio, a hero of the Katipunan.

2010 Running Adventures

Today is also the 4th anniversary of my mother’s death.  And I dedicate this post to her.  I remember so well that day where I had to fly from Manila to our home city to go directly to the hospital to see her.  She had had a heart attack and had been revived.  It was my birthday, too, and fresh from finishing a 10-kilometer (km) race in Quezon City where I won 1st place in my age category and 4th overall.  I showed her my medals that day and she couldn’t believe I won.

2011 in pics
2011 in Pictures

Just like in my previous anniversary post, and I quote, “My running background is like almost every newbie runner in the world. One day a three-kilometer run for a cause by a non-governmental organization dubbed as “Tabang para sa Mindanao” (Help for Mindanao) was organized at the Fort in Taguig City and that was it. The inspiration to run was sparked seeing a 57-year old friend of mine running the 10-km distance.  I said to myself, “If he can do it, I can, too!” I was hooked, started training on my own and never realized that I would be seeing myself joining races almost every weekend.  And, as long my schedule will allow me, I would.”

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More Running Adventures

It was also because of The Bull Runner and Ben Chan of Happy Feet that I got encouraged to blog. Yes, dear readers, for 48 straight long hours, I tried to understand the nitty-gritty of blogging. Voila! RUNNING DIVA was born after two days.  So, why use the moniker, Running Diva?   I didn’t give this name to myself.  It was a fellow Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) volunteer Pia O.L. who gave that name to describe my hobbies—running and singing—while we were attending a training in Cavite conducted by VSO Bahaginan to help volunteers like us prepare for our placements in Africa.  In other words, I have been blogging since 2007 and got hooked into the sport of running as early as 2005.

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Humble Beginnings as a Runner

On July 2014, this blog celebrated its 7th year anniversary.  What started as a personal (and secret) journal where I could pen my thoughts on my running experiences has become an integral part of my life. (formerly known as Jambalayamuzika aka RUNNING DIVA) is a blog or journal of my adventure as a runner, about any races here and abroad where I’m one of the competitors, anything about the local running community, (e.g., upcoming race, talk, fitness activities, product launches and reviews, blogging events, and training plans or tips). It can also be on any other sport events, and sometimes may do something about music, or just simply a day in the life of an athlete or a runner.

In summary, I have run a total of over a 100 races within the seven-year period—five ultramarathons (my longest to date is still the Bataan Death March 102K), eight marathons, twenty-six half marathons, thirty-five 10Ks, fifteen 5Ks, three aquathlons, one barefoot, three special short distances, three 32Ks, two 30Ks, one 25K, four 16Ks, nine 15Ks—where it only started with a 3K race in 2005 and the rest is history. I have experienced podium finishes and won awards including the Runrio Trilogy Award for completing the trilogy distances of 21K-Century Tuna Superbods, 21K-Nature Valley Run, and 32K-Run United 2 Afroman Distance twice. These I didn’t expect and just considered them as bonuses.  These are just but some of the words that can best describe me as a sports person–a runner, marathoner, ultramarathoner, aquathlete, traveler, a music enthusiast, blogger, swimmer, and an avid reader.

By the way, this is my 571st post.   And I couldn’t have done it without the help of the talented friends who were with me through my seven-year journey as a blogger and runner.


Through this blog, I came to know so many wonderful friends and readers.  It has given me so much and I hope that you have been inspired in some way by this blog.  My heartfelt gratitude, appreciation, and thanks for all the support.

I would like to thank all readers who have visited this blog over the years with comments on my posts, and especially those who have contributed ideas to this new site  In particular, may I thank:  Queenie Sullano-Gavan, Tonette Nicolas, Carlo Isles, Royce Reyes, Ziggy Tura, Jinoe Gavan, Rey Baguio