Skechers GO Run

This was launched last month at Market! Market! mall  in Taguig City.  The event started with a short presentation on Skechers’ shoe technology by no other than Michelle Estuar, a distance runner herself and current Skechers GO run ambassador.  It was shortly followed with a run challenge where some bloggers were asked to run a 500-meter distance on the treadmill using Skechers GO run shoes.  The teams were divided into three groups of three with each competing with one another.  Whoever finishes first is the winner.  Three winners were announced and each won a new pair.

Skechers GO run is perfect for walking, running, and if you want to train yourself to become a runner using the midfoot strike, then this shoe is for you. It’s also light, pretty comfortable, and it has antimicrobial agents allowing one to use it even without wearing a pair of socks.
GO (run) and try it out now!