Storm “Ondoy” Aftermath

I’ve seen on TV some people who’ve lost loved ones from the floods. There are still plenty out there stuck in their rooftops including our friends in the arena of running. Some areas are still flooded, without power, and without potable water to drink. Hope you’re all safe and sound right now with your loved ones.

September 26, Saturday, will always be remembered as it was the time when text messages were circulating that New Balance will be postponed due to flooding in many areas of Metro Manila and the incessant rains brought by Storm Ondoy.

I was not exempted from packing my things. The sudden sudden rise of water caused by heavy downpours made me panicked a bit. However we were spared. Our place was not flooded. With aching body (results of carrying stuff to and fro) I went out early on Sunday morning, to check the area near my place and saw some streets still flooded. I wanted to buy bread but saw that the nearest bakery was still closed. And I was not surprised as electricity was only restored just a couple of hours then. While waiting, I saw a guy who after smoking just threw the cigarette butt on the street unmindful of the street sweeper who recently cleaned the area. It was an example how careless and irresponsible one can be. What happened last Saturday was a reminder of Mother Nature to us that each has a responsibility to dispose of our trash properly. Whatever we give to Mother Nature, it will come come back to us. It was indeed a natural disaster, a man-made disaster.

When do we learn from our mistakes?