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Find Your Strong

I was out jogging around the neighborhood when a thought struck me.  “What is that sport that I can do at my own time, at my own pace, and not so expensive?” Running was the answer.  Well, I thought it wasn’t expensive, but it turned out I was wrong. It was sometime in 2007.

From finishing a three-kilometer benefit run to marathons to ultramarathons—be they road or trail races—it made me move forward to continuously challenge myself.  To be honest, I did not know I could run more than 42 kilometers or even more than a hundred kilometers at the same time, exposed to the elements, or running under the scorching heat of the sun, or running in the rain.   But my first love was swimming.  I first learned to swim late in life. In fact, I was already in my 20s when I first learned the basics of swimming, but it was never too late to try something new.

Combined with my ability to run, I experienced my first aquathlon race, a 400m swim-7K run-400m swim, in Corregidor Island in 2009.  The following year, I had the chance meeting in person at an event, one of the living legends in the arena of ultramarathon running, Scott Jurek.  At some point that day, he signed autographs for the attendees.  What I received from Scott was, “Running Diva, dig deep!” he told me.  I was impressed, and began to think what it meant. In the end, it took me five years to fully understand the implications of the value of what he wrote.  For in mid-February of 2015, I got my first road bike from two great friends.  Yeah, it was a second-hand bike from owners who like me were also runners.  Let us anonymously named these two as Maui and Coach Ige.  Owning a bike now, I signed up for the first time a 40-kilometer bike race having no formal fitness training in cycling.  More about this crazy cycling story here.  Later that same year, I signed up for 2016 Cobra IRONMAN 70.3.   It’s IRONMAN 70.3, Running Diva! It was my way of testing my limits to bring me closer to what Scott wrote.  Dig deep.  You’re in.   Daunting!

A triathlon (tri) is a multiple-stage competition involving three disciplines of swimming, cycling, and running.  The format is always like that.  Swim, bike, and run.  A triathlete trains and devotes time for each discipline.  Another important aspect of triathlon includes two transitions. Transition one or T1 swings from swimming to cycling.  Transition two or T2 changes from cycling to running.  And the time accumulated to change in these two transitions are included in overall time of a triathlon.  The usual progression of a beginner triathlete is to usually transition from Sprint distance to Olympic distance to Half Ironman to long course triathlon, and finally, to Ironman. Or, to some athletes they progress by joining multisport events such as aquathlon (swim-run) and duathlon (bike-run) before attempting triathlon.

In 2016, I trained and completed my first Half Ironman distance triathlon in Cebu City.  Prior to this, I only had completed (and won third place in my Age Group) a Sprint and two-kilometer open water swimming. I believe my background in running really helped me complete the competition. It was not perfect, not really fast, but I finished strong.  That was my goal.  And, I achieved it.

The races that followed after finishing the Half Ironman distance were Sprint and Standard courses. Earlier this year, I have run a marathon in Cebu City, and raced in a cycling event in Indonesia, a UCI Gran Fondo World Series Tour de Bintan that included stand-alone events like the 17K Individual Time Trial and the 144K Gran Fondo Classic.  Both of these cycling events were geared to finishing an Ironman in the near future.  Crossing my fingers.

Now talking of tri, this brings me to the exciting part of this post about this upcoming event happening this month, the TRI-Factor Asian Championship Series.  The action will take place  on May 25 to 27 at the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex. It features various tri distances to test the mettle of the veteran triathletes, beginners, and enthusiasts. This is such a huge boost for this growing sport across the Asian region since most countries such as ours, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China have the best beaches ideal for a tri race. In our country alone, with so many to choose from, the islands have hidden coves and beautiful sandy beaches for such a demanding sport that requires courses for swimming, biking, and running.  I have known some friends who will be doing this tri race.  And, I wish them all the best of luck!

With tri getting so much attention, is it the new strong?  Maybe.  Possibly. So what your strong? Swimming? Biking? Or, doing other fitness sports? To “find your strong” means whatever sport you are in and as long you put time, and is passionately pursuing it, not one sport is stronger than the other.  In my IMHO, what makes the sport strong is because of you.  Yes, you, the athlete.

Having the strong mindset, the willingness to appreciate mental preparation training (at the expense of losing your social life, well, temporarily, of course), striking the right work life balance, learning techniques to improve performance, and dealing with stressors, setbacks including losses are what makes you strong. Almost all sports have these elements. It will be like this: 90% mental and the other percentage is for physical.

You are strong when you put your heart to it. You are strong when you stay committed and focus. You are strong that even when you fail or lost or knock down (or you crash, or you are in a cast because of a fracture), you get right back up.

A real winner doesn’t have to be a title holder or a gold medalist.  I have had my share of going up on the podium and collecting medals and trophies. To me, the real winner is when you do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, and be the best you can be, the Best Version of Yourself.   

National Geographic Earth Day Run 2017

On 23 Apr. 2017 marks another milestone for National Geographic (NG), which celebrates eight years of holding Earth Day Run (EDR), raising consciousness on environmental issues and health including social awareness through fitness with special program features using the hash tag #8withEDR.

The event encourages and welcomes all types of Eco Warriors to take part—from fun runners of all ages to serious recreational athletes who regularly compete. The event will be held not only in Manila but also in the cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taichung, an initiative that was adopted last year to effectively spread the vision and advocacy of EDR across Asia.  EDR in Manila will be held at the SM Mall of Asia grounds where participants can choose a 5K, 10K, 21K, or 42K distance category.

“Earth Day Run 2017 will be the biggest version of the race yet, with more expected participants from Manila and four other cities across Asia. We’re also excited to look back on our eight years of environmental advocacy and share and celebrate with our runners the positive change that they helped make possible through the years by joining Earth Day Run. We hope that Earth Day Run 2017 not only brings communities of running enthusiasts together for the common cause of saving the environment but also that it amplifies the important message of doing your own part today to help stop climate change and commit to sustainable solutions to save our beloved planet Earth,” said FOX Networks Group Philippines director and head of content and marketing Charo Espedido.

Last year, EDR participants ran to support causes such as saving the Irawaddy dolphins at the Malampaya Sound Research and Conservation Project in Palawan; giving the Earth Hour or Gift of Life Village in Monreal, Masbate sustainable solutions to reduce carbon footprint; conservation of the marine protected area and coral reef in Apo Reef in Occidental Mindoro; and, beefing up reforestation efforts at the Ipo Watershed in Bulacan, which is one of Metro Manila’s sources of water supply.

Presented by the channel and its partners Cherifer Premium and World Wildlife Fund for Nature, EDR aims to continue the tradition of being one of the biggest running events in the country, expecting scores of running enthusiasts with the hopes of mobilizing all Eco Warriors of previous EDRs to register and run for the environment.

This year’s event welcomes all previously registered participants with VIP treatment and special loyalty perks to be enjoyed on the day of the run. They will be given priority placement in front of the starting line at the beginning of the race and can claim their loot bag and finisher shirt at a special express booth. They can also make use of a special warm-up and cool down tent before and after the race to condition them and recover in comfort.


To top it off, EDR will also be sporting new features for its runners. As a special treat, all race kits will come with LED shoelaces, serving as a badge of pride and as a safety precaution for Eco Warriors running at night or before sunrise. Prizes will also be given to costumed runners who showcase their creativity by coming in their best ensemble made from recycled materials.

Finisher’ medal and shirt

To make each Eco Warrior’s voice heard in this run for the Earth, advocacy banners will be hanging above the finish line so that each runner can grab them as they cross to make a shout-out for the environment, keep as a souvenir, and use for all their post-run selfies to amplify the message of acting now to save the environment.

New participants can also join the celebrations by visiting the EDR Gallery at the Race Village to learn what the event has accomplished over the years including its environmental and social initiatives, and how their participation will make a significant impact on certain communities in the Philippines and how their actions as individuals will affect the environment.

Runners at EDR will not only experience a fun day of outdoor fitness, but also be doing their part in contributing to NG’s environmental efforts.

Registration will start on March 1 and end on April 16.  For more information and other details on how to register, please visit National Geographic Earth Day Run website.

Love Locks Fair

RUN.  Eat.  LOVE.  Party!

Love Locks Fair is an annual event envisioned to promote love and togetherness in the family and community while providing a fun and safe atmosphere to enjoy the changing colors of life. Love Locks Fair is co-presented by SM by the Bay and will happen on 12 Feb. 2017.

Activities included on Race Day

Love Locks by the Bay
3K Obstacle Run
Outdoor Bridal Fair
Dinner Date for Couples
Music Fest/Valentines Party

Run for Children with Special Needs : Be their Hero, 11 Dec. 2016

The benefit run dubbed as HOPE Run for Children with Special Needs is happening on Sunday, December 11 at 4 AM at 34th Street, corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.


HOPE Run is organized to create and raise awareness for Children with Special Needs.  According to  HOPE Run organizer during its launch on November 19, the response was overwhelming as many groups including runners  came forward to support the upcoming event.   For details and updates, please visit Hope Run web site.   Run for children with special needs!  Be their HERO!

World Vision Run for Health & Nutrition, 26 June 2016

Malnutrition is still one of the leading health problems in the Philippines. Two out of 10 children under five are malnourished and ten million children die before their fifth birthday every year due to preventable diseases according to a National Nutrition Survey.

2016-05-20 00.42.48

In their almost 60 years presence in the country, World Vision (WV) has taken great strides to ensure children enjoy the fullness of life they deserve.  Hence charity event World Vision Run (WVR) is back for the fifth time not only to promote healthy lifestyle but also raise funds to help thousands of malnourished children.  

The running event dubbed as Run for Health & Nutrition with an expected 7,000 participants is happening on June 26 at Blue BayWalk in Pasay City. It is co-presented by Runrio. Distance categories include 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K and a 500-meter dash for children.  When you register for WV, you’re not only running for your own health but also for children.

2016-05-20 00.45.33_20160520060012445
Choose either the brown or green event shirt when you register. Shirt size is subject to availability and on a first come, first served basis.

For more info about WVR and registration details, visit World Vision or call 374.8413 and look for Nina or Michelle.

Amway Nutrilite Health Run (4th : 24 Jan. 2016 : SM Mall of Asia Grounds, Pasay)

World’s number one selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand Nutrilite will host once again the 4th edition of its annual Nutrilite Health Run (NHR) on January 2016.

PR Photo 5

NHR is a regional initiative of Amway that advocates wellness and healthy living. “Amway advocates a holistic healthy active lifestyle. Therefore, we are hosting this annual event to encourage more people to put a premium on their personal wellness. We want more people to eat right, take in the right supplements and be active,” said Amway Philippine country manager Leni Olmedo.  NHR aims to gather more than 20,000 runners across the three key cities in the Philippines—Manila, Cagayan de Oro and Davao.

NHR will have 5K and 10K categories and Manila leg will kickoff on January 24 at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds.  The succeeding legs will be at Cagayan de Oro on February 14 at Perla Compania De Seguros Building, Don Apolinar Velez Street and at SM Matina Davao on February 21. Gun start times are at 5:30 AM for 5K and 5:00 AM for 10K.

5K race route map
5K race route map
10K race route map
10K race route map

“We are levelling up the categories to make it more challenging for our regular runners. We are doing away with 1K category, where we initially started, because we want to challenge the runners to improve every year and to encourage the healthy active lifestyle sustainability,” Olmedo added.

The registration fee is only PhP 350 and it comes with a free NHR shirt, race bib and car sticker. Proceeds of the run will go to the Amway One By One Campaign for Children, Amway’s corporate social responsibility program. Registration has started last 8 Dec. 2015 and will end on 21 Feb. 2016.

Additional registration center
Additional registration center
Registration form
Registration form
Nutrilite Health Run shirt
Nutrilite Health Run shirt

Interested participants can register at all Amway Distribution Centers and via the online registration at Amway’s official microsite or through the official Amway Facebook account. You may also dowload NHR 743-15 Amway Nutrilite Flyer for other details. Nutrilite is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines.

About Amway™
Amway is an $11.8 billion direct selling business based in Ada, Michigan, USA. Top-selling brands for Amway are Nutrilite™ vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry™ skincare and color cosmetics, and eSpring™ water treatment systems – all sold exclusively by Amway Business Owners. Global sales in 2013 made Amway the #1 direct selling business in the world, according to the Direct Selling News 2014 Global 100. For company news, visit globalnews.amway.com.

Sunpiology Kick Diabetes Run, 28 Nov. 2015

Sunpiology #Kickdiabetesrun 2015 is happening on November 28, 2015, Saturday at McKinley West, Fort Bonifacio, 4 PM to 9 PM with RunRio as race organizer.


Race owner Sunlife Financial, in partnership with International Studies for Diabetes Foundation Inc. (ISDFI), Hebreo Foundation and Lingkod Kapamilya, targets around 3,000+ participants.  Entry fees are the following: 500m dash for kids-PhP350, 1km (Golden K–50yo+)-PhP400, 3km-PhP700, 5km-PhP 800  and 10km-PhP900.

In-store Registration 

October 19, 2015 (Start) – November 22, 2015 (End)

RUNNR Branches: Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma – (Mon – Sun, 12nn – 8pm)

Toby’s Branches: Robinsons Galleria, 3/FMall of Asia, G/F – (Mon – Sun, 12nn – 8pm)

• Kit Distribution   :  Runners will receive their race kit at the store/venue

Online Registration

Visit www.sunpiology.com to register online.  Registration starts October 12, 2015  and  ends on November 15, 2015 (11:59pm). Every runner is qualified to win either in the PICK-A-PRIZE area or in the Major Raffle Draws during the AFTER-RUN show.

Race Bibs






Race Obstacles

Candy Crawl
Candy Crawl

Race Singlet and Meda



The Sunpiology Kick Diabetes Run aims to create a unique obstacle run with emphasis on the FUN that would highlight the theme “Kick Diabetes” and gather families, friends, groups in one event for a cause and to promote a healthy lifestyle. 


Soleus Run for the Aspins, 18 Oct. 2015

Dogs are acquired for various reasons—as a pet and companion, for security and service, and as a member of  the family. A dog is a loyal companion when showered with love, kindness, and compassion. That is why a dog is called “man’s best friend”.

However, the increasing number of incidents involving dog cruelty and abuse—from simple animal neglect to extreme cases such as illegal dog fight gambling and dog meat consumption—is one sad reality.

Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com
Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com

These incidents not only happen on the streets but also at home, and most of the victims are dogs of local and mixed breeds  or what is now called as Asong Pinoy aka Aspins.  

In partnership with the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART), Armed Forces of the Philippines, and Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (SKP), a benefit run dubbed as Soleus Run for the Aspins aims to: (a)  effect change in society by raising awareness on dog cruelty and abuse; (b) promote responsible pet ownership; (c) spread compassion for animals; and, (d) raise funds to help PART in sustaining a decent living condition for all Aspins under their care.

“Our race does not define us, and their breed doesn’t define them.” – Philippine Animal Rescue Team

Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com

The Soleus Run for the Aspins welcomes not only foreign-bred but also local or mixed-bred dogs, and offers distances for both solo runners and dogs with their handler (owner or trainer).  

Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com

For dog lovers without a companion dog can choose either the 10-km or 15-km category for them, while the human-dog tandem participants may stroll through the route of the 2-km Dog Walker category or chaperone their cuddly companion at the 600-meter Dog Parade category.

A race village will gather sponsors to exhibit displays and samples of their merchandise for both pet owners and dogs. Also, as part of the event’s special activities, participants may opt to keep a lasting memorabilia with their dogs  for a small donation that will be added to the beneficiary’s funds.

Registration may be done online via: http://rundezvous.strikingly.com/blog/run-for-the-aspins or thru BPI bank deposit: CA No. 2431-0082-14 | Rundezvous, Inc. You may download the registration forms RDV reg form 2015 and reg form for dogs to sign up.


Category Registration Fee Inclusion
600m Dog Parade (owner and dog) P 700 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag, dog bandana
2K Dog Walker (owner and dog) P 700 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag, dog bandana
10K Solo P 800 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag
15K Solo P 900 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag
10K Solo + 2K Dog Walker or 600m Dog Parade** P 1150 (P 800 + P 350) One technical race shirt, race bib*, 10K finisher’s medal + 2K or 600m finisher’s medal, event loot bag
15K Solo + 2K Dog Walker or 600m Dog Parade** P 1250 (P 900 + P 350) One technical race shirt, race bib*, 15K finisher’s medal + 2K or 600m finisher’s medal, event loot bag
*Single bib for bundled categories; additional sticker on bib for dog category **Flag-raising protocol between 5:55 AM to 6:00 AM on Sundays
Category Assembly Time Gun Start
600m Dog Parade 30 minutes before gun start at the line corral 7:15 AM (in waves)
2K Dog Race 7:00 AM (in waves)
10K 5:30 AM**
15K 5:15 AM**
Technical shirt
Technical shirt
Shirt size chart
Shirt size chart
600m bib
2K bib
2K bib
10K bib
10K bib
15K bib
15K bib
Finisher's medal
Finisher’s medal
Dog bandana
Dog bandana
Loot bag
Loot bag
Here’s one good news for 15K runners (male/female). You’ll get a chance to own the Soleus GPS Pulse plus HRM watch with a retail value of P 14,950 should you finish first in the race.  The watch is worth training for! Register NOW!FB_IMG_1440008080934
This race hopes to embroider a deep awareness for everyone, “to become involved, responsible, and be an architect of change … one rescue at a time.”



Soleus is made up of an experienced product team focused on creating innovative timing devices including watches, GPS, HRM and Cycling Computers. We are passionate about what we do, and are always looking for ways to contribute to the running community.

The soleus (pronounced SOH-LEE-US) is a powerful muscle in the back part of the lower leg (the calf). It runs from just below the knee to the heel, and is involved in standing, walking and running. If not for its constant pull, the body would fall forward.

At Soleus, we are first and foremost runners. We are committed to designing and developing products for people like us. We value simplicity and performance. We believe that whether you’re lacing up for your first run, or already a seasoned marathoner, your watch should enhance your experience, not make it more complicated … delivering everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


The Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) is an SEC registered, non-profit and NO KILL animal rescue and rehabilitation center founded and run by a dedicated group of volunteers committed to changing the way animals are viewed and treated, not only in the Philippines, but around the world.

Our mission is to rescue abandoned, sick, injured, and unwanted animals and provide quality veterinary care, spaying and neutering, rehabilitation, and ultimately, a forever loving home where they can become part of a family.

Our vision is to effect change in society by raising awareness about animal cruelty and abuse.  We believe that compassion for animals starts in the home by educating children and adults about being responsible pet owners.


The Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (English: Philippine Cartoonists Association) or SKP is an organization of professional Editorial and Comic Strip cartoonists.  As contained in its by-laws, the members came mostly from the newspaper, magazine, and comics publications.  The SKP is a member of the National Press Club, and is one of the proponents of the Philippine International Cartoon, Comics and Animation Festival, an event dedicated to comic artists, animators, and game developers.


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is composed of the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and the Philippine Reserve Army, with a manpower strength of over 125,000 personnel, dedicated to serve, defend and cultivate peace and order in our country.

On a short-term basis, the AFP is committed to bring in results with its current theme of Kabayanihan at Kahandaan: Tuwid na Daan sa Kapayapaan.  This is why the AFP supports advocacies, which brings a new kind of heroism, making the entire citizenry involve in what it takes to be a great nation.  Then, and only then, can the AFP fulfil its long-term goal to become a “world-class armed forces” towards 2028.

Green Hope Run 2015

The Biggest Community Participation for a Running Event

Started in 2014,  Green Hope Run is a run for a cause which promotes eco-tourism projects and other Green Initiatives in the country.  It is produced and organized by Aqueous Events in partnership with ABS-CBN Bantay Kalikasan and EMA Town Center


Why Join this Run?
  • Promotes an environment-friendly event, a first in Meycauayan City
  • Supports the Ibalik ang Kawayan sa Meycauayan campaign through a bamboo planting activity
  • Showcases grand bazaar of food, clothing, accessories, services, and other local product, eg bamboo-made products
  • Aims to beat Mandaluyong’s World Record largest zumba class through its  Mega Zumba dance exercises
  • Makes bonding experience for families a fun experience
  • Promotes eco-tourism
Race Details

Date: September 27, 2015, Sunday

Location:  Meycauayan, Bulacan

Race Categories and Registration Fees:

3K – P300 | 5K- P400 | 10K – P500

Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib and Loot Bags for all race categories,  Cash Prizes (1st to 3rd place),  Medals and Certificates (Top 10)


You may register online at: https://ph.explara.com/e/greenhope

GreenHopeRun2015 RegsFormUPDATED

For updates, please visit https://www.facebook.com/AqueousEvents

or their website: www.aqueousgroup.com.ph

Alaska World Milk Day Family Run, 31 May 2015

Fast Facts
  • World Milk Day is celebrated annually in many countries worlwide
  • Milk is central to health and well-being as a global food across cultures and nations
  • Contributions connected with milk and the dairy industry
Alaska World Milk Day Family Run
  • Celebrates family bonding and enjoying outdoor activities such as running
  • Launches Milk Hour (6 AM) in four different locations: Manila, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao
  • Health advocates, sports enthusiasts, and popular personalities are joining the event
  • Children’s Hour is the beneficiary
  • Family run is playground
  • Six categories: 100m, 1K-Children, 3K, 3K-Family, 5K, and 10K
  • Date: 31 May 2015, Sunday
  • Venue: SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, Block 16 Seaside corner Palm Coast Avenue
  • Starting line: Seaside corner Bayshore Avenue
  • Cash registration is until 27 May 2015
  • Online registration: www.alaskaworldmilkday.com
  • Alaska to give milk in 1.8kg to all participants

2015-05-26 01.59.18

2015-05-26 01.56.17

2015-05-26 01.57.39
300 pieces per provincial Baguio, Cebu, and Davao

2015-05-26 01.58.432015-05-26 01.55.38

2015-05-26 01.56.59