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Soleus Run for the Aspins, 18 Oct. 2015

Dogs are acquired for various reasons—as a pet and companion, for security and service, and as a member of  the family. A dog is a loyal companion when showered with love, kindness, and compassion. That is why a dog is called “man’s best friend”.

However, the increasing number of incidents involving dog cruelty and abuse—from simple animal neglect to extreme cases such as illegal dog fight gambling and dog meat consumption—is one sad reality.

Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com
Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com

These incidents not only happen on the streets but also at home, and most of the victims are dogs of local and mixed breeds  or what is now called as Asong Pinoy aka Aspins.  

In partnership with the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART), Armed Forces of the Philippines, and Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (SKP), a benefit run dubbed as Soleus Run for the Aspins aims to: (a)  effect change in society by raising awareness on dog cruelty and abuse; (b) promote responsible pet ownership; (c) spread compassion for animals; and, (d) raise funds to help PART in sustaining a decent living condition for all Aspins under their care.

“Our race does not define us, and their breed doesn’t define them.” – Philippine Animal Rescue Team

Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com

The Soleus Run for the Aspins welcomes not only foreign-bred but also local or mixed-bred dogs, and offers distances for both solo runners and dogs with their handler (owner or trainer).  

Photo by www.junaquinogallery.com

For dog lovers without a companion dog can choose either the 10-km or 15-km category for them, while the human-dog tandem participants may stroll through the route of the 2-km Dog Walker category or chaperone their cuddly companion at the 600-meter Dog Parade category.

A race village will gather sponsors to exhibit displays and samples of their merchandise for both pet owners and dogs. Also, as part of the event’s special activities, participants may opt to keep a lasting memorabilia with their dogs  for a small donation that will be added to the beneficiary’s funds.

Registration may be done online via: http://rundezvous.strikingly.com/blog/run-for-the-aspins or thru BPI bank deposit: CA No. 2431-0082-14 | Rundezvous, Inc. You may download the registration forms RDV reg form 2015 and reg form for dogs to sign up.


Category Registration Fee Inclusion
600m Dog Parade (owner and dog) P 700 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag, dog bandana
2K Dog Walker (owner and dog) P 700 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag, dog bandana
10K Solo P 800 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag
15K Solo P 900 Technical shirt, race bib, finisher’s medal, event loot bag
10K Solo + 2K Dog Walker or 600m Dog Parade** P 1150 (P 800 + P 350) One technical race shirt, race bib*, 10K finisher’s medal + 2K or 600m finisher’s medal, event loot bag
15K Solo + 2K Dog Walker or 600m Dog Parade** P 1250 (P 900 + P 350) One technical race shirt, race bib*, 15K finisher’s medal + 2K or 600m finisher’s medal, event loot bag
*Single bib for bundled categories; additional sticker on bib for dog category **Flag-raising protocol between 5:55 AM to 6:00 AM on Sundays
Category Assembly Time Gun Start
600m Dog Parade 30 minutes before gun start at the line corral 7:15 AM (in waves)
2K Dog Race 7:00 AM (in waves)
10K 5:30 AM**
15K 5:15 AM**
Technical shirt
Technical shirt
Shirt size chart
Shirt size chart
600m bib
2K bib
2K bib
10K bib
10K bib
15K bib
15K bib
Finisher's medal
Finisher’s medal
Dog bandana
Dog bandana
Loot bag
Loot bag
Here’s one good news for 15K runners (male/female). You’ll get a chance to own the Soleus GPS Pulse plus HRM watch with a retail value of P 14,950 should you finish first in the race.  The watch is worth training for! Register NOW!FB_IMG_1440008080934
This race hopes to embroider a deep awareness for everyone, “to become involved, responsible, and be an architect of change … one rescue at a time.”



Soleus is made up of an experienced product team focused on creating innovative timing devices including watches, GPS, HRM and Cycling Computers. We are passionate about what we do, and are always looking for ways to contribute to the running community.

The soleus (pronounced SOH-LEE-US) is a powerful muscle in the back part of the lower leg (the calf). It runs from just below the knee to the heel, and is involved in standing, walking and running. If not for its constant pull, the body would fall forward.

At Soleus, we are first and foremost runners. We are committed to designing and developing products for people like us. We value simplicity and performance. We believe that whether you’re lacing up for your first run, or already a seasoned marathoner, your watch should enhance your experience, not make it more complicated … delivering everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


The Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) is an SEC registered, non-profit and NO KILL animal rescue and rehabilitation center founded and run by a dedicated group of volunteers committed to changing the way animals are viewed and treated, not only in the Philippines, but around the world.

Our mission is to rescue abandoned, sick, injured, and unwanted animals and provide quality veterinary care, spaying and neutering, rehabilitation, and ultimately, a forever loving home where they can become part of a family.

Our vision is to effect change in society by raising awareness about animal cruelty and abuse.  We believe that compassion for animals starts in the home by educating children and adults about being responsible pet owners.


The Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (English: Philippine Cartoonists Association) or SKP is an organization of professional Editorial and Comic Strip cartoonists.  As contained in its by-laws, the members came mostly from the newspaper, magazine, and comics publications.  The SKP is a member of the National Press Club, and is one of the proponents of the Philippine International Cartoon, Comics and Animation Festival, an event dedicated to comic artists, animators, and game developers.


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is composed of the Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force and the Philippine Reserve Army, with a manpower strength of over 125,000 personnel, dedicated to serve, defend and cultivate peace and order in our country.

On a short-term basis, the AFP is committed to bring in results with its current theme of Kabayanihan at Kahandaan: Tuwid na Daan sa Kapayapaan.  This is why the AFP supports advocacies, which brings a new kind of heroism, making the entire citizenry involve in what it takes to be a great nation.  Then, and only then, can the AFP fulfil its long-term goal to become a “world-class armed forces” towards 2028.