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PRO Earth Run, 25 April 2015

In its Global Climate Risk Index 2015, Germanwatch listed the Philippines as one of the countries most affected by extreme weather events in 2013.  It also reconfirmed that less developed countries are generally more affected [by extreme weather] than industrialized countries, and forewarned that if mitigation efforts are not immediately taken, the world will continue heading down the path towards dangerous climate change.


To increase awareness on environmental responsibility and raise funds, Earth Day Network Philippines, the local counterpart of Earth Day Network International, brings back once again the PRO Earth Run on 25 April 2015 at 4:30 AM at the Mall of Asia Grounds in Pasay City.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” said Chinese Philosopher Lao-tzu.  So is the race TO PROTECT, RESPECT, and OVERSEE CARE for Mother Earth.

Join PRO Earth Run for Mother Earth!