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Philippine Athletics Team Celebrates Victorious Win

The Philippine Athletics Team completed the 28th Southeast Asian Games (Summary of Participation Team Pilipinas Athletics) with a spectacular performance and brought home 21 medalsfive golds, seven silvers, and nine bronzes (Summary of Medal Performance Team Pilipinas Athletics). A stunning 62% improvement in a span of two years.

The double gold medal haul in the 100-meter dash, won by Eric Shauwn Cray and Kayla Richardson, earned the Philippines the title, Speed Capital of Southeast Asia. The outstanding and heroic finish of Christopher Ulboc, Jr. in the 3000-meter steeplechase highlighted the overall performances of our athletes on the very day the country celebrated its 117th Independence Day.

To celebrate these victorious moments, Veloci Time in partnership with L Timestudio, hosted a victory party to honor Team Pilipinas Athletics participants for their athletic efforts. The event started with video clips showing the victorious moments as they battled each race with fervor and with one aim in mindto bring honor to our country.

Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA) chief Philip Ella Juico in his welcome message said, “This may sound corny, but it comes from the bottom of our hearts. We thank all of you (including our sponsors and the media) for supporting our athletes.”

2015-06-19 23.53.49
PATAFA chief Philip Ella Juico thanks everyone

Veloci Time Roy Chua delivered his welcome remarks by sharing his thoughts, “As I approached and saw the stadium, I was in awe because it was actually huge and massive, intimidating. Then I realized it’s the moment of truth for our athletes. After all those years of hardwork, the dreadful training, strict diet, the confined rest, the deprivation of social life, and the catching up work on academics, it is a defining moment. You would see the athletes excited in showcasing their prowess that they’ve worked for years and watching from the sideline it was just a rare moment. We are very proud of our Filipino athletes who won five golds, seven silvers, and nine bronzes. Congratulations to us!”

Team Pilipinas Athletics bronze, silver and gold medalists honored during the victory party

What’s next for athletics? Athletics is eyeing international competitions such as the Olympics and World Championships. “Eric Cray has qualified for the Olympics in Rio and is ranked Number 10 in the world in the 400-meter hurdles,” said Juico. “This is a huge achievement to have a bona fide qualifier from the Philippines. We are targeting to have 2-3 more before the 2016 Olympic Games open in Rio,” Juico added. Possible bets are pole vaulter EJ Obiena and two-time Olympian Marestella Torres in long jump. “We should be applauding Marestella Torres. She is 34 years old. She had a baby who is now only one year old. She came all the way back, qualified and medaled in her event, and was only beaten by two world-class jumps by the Vietnamese and Indonesian, both breaking their national records. It required national record jumps, a perfect day to beat her. Marestella is a tribute to mothers everywhere who combine motherhood with excellence in other facets of life. She is a hero for getting onto that podium,” Juico continues.

The athletics team did not go without a heartbreak. For some former champions, getting the gold medal was kind of elusive. Most notable among these athletes were Jason Ramil Cid in decathlon, Archand Bagsit in 400 meters, and Marestella Torres in long jump. “While some may be focused solely on gold medals, we are not. A podium finish is what matters. This is sports. Sometimes there is an injury. Sometimes a fraction of a second means the difference between gold and silver. We must be wise and celebrate the achievement and not nitpick. In three races we had photo finishes and we got the silver in all three. Give us another tenth of a second we would have three more gold medals,” says Juico.

Veloci Time and L Timestudio representatives witnessed and cheered the intense, breathtaking and power performances of our athletes. There were victorious moments as well as unsuccessful attempts. But the remarkable effort, as they fought for a triumphant finish, is what really matters.

A snappy salute to all of you!

Send-off Party for the Philippine Athletics Team

Our Time is Now.

28 May 2015 — L TIMESTUDIO and VELOCI Time, two key players in the Philippine watch industry, partnered with Marriott Hotel Manila to wish good luck to the Philippine Athletics Team “Team Pilipinas Athletics” before they head to the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2015 in Singapore at a send-off, which took place at the posh Marriott Hotel Manila in Pasay City and was hosted by sportscaster Anthony Suntay.

PATAFA President Dr. Philip Ella Juico (Photo by RunningDiva.ph)

The event included an inspirational speech from the new Philippine athletics chief Dr. Philip Ella Juico whose message is full of hope and confidence that the 36-strong athletics team will do a spectacular performance owing to the renewed vigor within the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) and warm support of sponsors.  Vohne Yao of L Timestudio delivered a message of support and encouragement  reminding the athletes that they’re not alone in this.

Vohne Yao of L Timestudio (Photo by Running Photographers)

Hammer thrower Arniel Ferrera, the team’s representative, in his response to the message of the current president of PATAFA said, “Members of the team are more motivated to do their best not only for themselves but also for the country.”  The SEA Games will officially kickoff on June 5.

Hammer thrower Arniel Ferrera (Photo by Running Photographers)
Know the country’s ATHLETES PROFILE – Philippine Athletics Team.


Marestella Torres, Riezel Buenaventura, Katherine Khay Santos, Henry Dagmil, Mark Harry Diones, Donovan Arriola Jr., Tyler Ruiz, EJ Obiena

2015-06-02 02.33.33
Photo by RunningDiva.ph



Rosie Villarito, Evalyn Palabrica, Arniel Ferrera, Caleb Stuart

2015-06-02 02.32.27
Photo by RunningDiva.ph


Distance Runners

Mary Grace Delos Santos, Mary Joy Tabal, Jessica Lyn Barnard, Rene Herrera, Mervin Guarte, Christopher Ulboc Jr., Wenlie Maulas, Rafael Poliquit Jr. Roldan Verano, Eduardo Buenavista

2015-06-02 02.31.15
Photo by RunningDiva.ph



Patrick Ma. Unso, Junrey Bano, Clinton Kingsley Bautista, Eric Shauwn Cray

2015-06-02 02.29.56
Photo by RunningDiva.ph


Multi-event Athletes

Narcisa Atienza (Heptathlon), Janry Ubas (Decathlon), Jesson Ramil Cid (Decathlon)

2015-06-02 02.29.06



Princess Joy Griffey, Kayla Anise Richardson, Kyla Ashely Richardson, Archand Christian Bagsit, Ryan Bigyan, Joan Caido, Edgardo Alejan

Photo by Running Photographers

The Team Pilipinas Athletics is supported and powered by Veloci Time, L Timestudio and Marriott Hotel Manila. Yours truly couldn’t be more happier to be selected as one of the lucky winners of a Veloci watch. Many thanks to Eduardo Buenavista aka Vertek for drawing out my name from among possible winners.

On my right is long distance runner and two-time Olympian Eduardo Buenavista and awarding the prize are  Marnie Chua and Roy Chua of Veloci Time (Photo by Running Photographers)


Laban Pilipinas!


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