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GUEST POST: The Joy of Running with my Dog George

My baby George, a male Chow Chow, is a very active dog.  I remember when he was still a puppy, I would take him out for a walk and he would always run and roll around in the grassy area of the village.

Pet Express Doggie Run 2012

Since he loves to run, I thought of signing him up in a doggie run in Presidio, he was just five months old then.  I saw how he enjoyed seeing other dogs, bonding, and playing with them.

When I learned that Pet Express will have their Doggie Run in 2012, I registered right away.  I signed him up for the shortest distance, which is 1.5 kilometers.  Since then, I would see to it that he gets to join the doggie run every year.

Pet Express Doggie Run 2013

Last year, I leveled up his distance and registered for the three-kilometer category.  Just like in his past races, I let him do what he wants to do.  If he likes to run then we will run.   If he wants to walk then we will walk.  If he wants to sniff around then I let him because I want him to enjoy every minute of the race and I don’t want to put pressure on him.

George happy to finish his run at the Pet Express Doggie Run 2014

In this year’s Pet Express Doggie Run, he finished three kilometers, and it’s actually his third time to do a three-kilometer run. We arrived at Mall of Asia with little time to spare before the assembly.

He again finished his run in 2015

The queue at the parking lot was long that it took us awhile before we were able to proceed to the starting line.  While on our way, George had to do his rituals so we started out late.  There were not a lot of dogs on the route but felt relieved that we were not the only one late on our distance.   Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and it was always a feast to see all the different breeds.

Proud of my dog George for finishing another race in this year’s Pet Express Doggie Run

I want to thank Ms. Roselle aka Running Diva for the complimentary race kit and also to Ms. Janine Ngo of Pet Express.  It has been five years of joining Pet Express Doggie Run and still counting…

Congratulations to Pet Express for another successful event! George and I will see you again next year, and hopefully he will finish his first 5K!

Guest author: Rhina Sison’s passion for the sport of running started in 2010 with podium finishes under her belt.  She is an active member of Ayala Triads, a running group based in Ayala triangle, Makati City. She has been a pet lover since she was a child, even adopted several stray cats.  Her love for dogs first started when she got her first furry friend, and named her Candy.