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My Jump Start to Cycling and Pose Running

Around  two months have passed since I learned the basics of cycling and the fundamentals of climbing.  On October 30, I had the privilege of attending one of the cycling classes conducted by sports person Patrick Joson*.

Patrick Joson, Hiren Mirchandani and Running Diva
Patrick Joson, Hiren Mirchandani and Running Diva at the parking lot. (photo / Pat Joson)

Prior to this cyling class, I had a problem with the tires of my bike. They were flat and needed air every time I took it out for a ride. To remedy the problem, I brought it to a local bike shop for tube replacement.  It did work for a little while, then the same problem occured.  I was back from where I started.  This posed a dilemma since I didn’t want to miss a scheduled bike session in Alabang. To prevent this from happening again, I readied my bike the night before.  Early morning next day, to my dismay, one of the tires was flat again.  Running late, I had no choice but inform Pat about what happened. Without hesitation, I decided to bring my bike as I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to learn something new, flat tire or not.

The sun was almost up on the horizon when I arrived at the Country Club.  Much to my surprise, Pat brought with him an extra wheel and changed my bike’s tire very quickly.   Wow! Really…

There were only two students in the class.  Myself and a foreign looking guy who can speak Tagalog well.  Shortly after exchanging pleasantries, the discussion on the science of cycling began.  Pat masterfully shared with us the Pose Running technique with demonstrations. The first part of the discussion focused on Science of Cycling, Pose Method, shapes of movements, how the Pose Method is applied in bicycling (road position and tri position) including the quadrants of a cycling stroke or the push vs. pull. There he showed genuine display of enthusiasm or passion for the topic itself.  At one point, he even made us recall theoretical physics such as laws of motion and certain famous equations such as Albert Einstein’s.

The ride around Alabang Village
The ride around Alabang Village (photo / Pat Joson)

Now the most awaited or anticipated moment, applying concepts. The bike-handling skills and safety techniques took place in a small open parking lot where each took turn to follow what was being demonstrated by Pat.  I appreciated learning the following: how hovering is done, the eight-figure bike riding,  how to properly make left or right turns while on a bike, how to mount and dismount a bike including bike safety tips.

Me and my cycling classmate (photo / Pat Joson)
Early morning test ride with cycling classmate Hiren  (photo / Pat Joson)

Here came the ultimate thing–the ride around the Village.  I haven’t gone for a long bike ride recently and climbing is something I would like to master.  Another important thing I’ve learned is cadence. Cadence is basically pedalling speed or how fast your legs spin in circles, and this is measured in revolutions per minute or RPM. But the problem is, I didn’t have the foggiest notion how to shift the lever without screwing it up. Pat encouraged me to explore or play with it. He was totally a hands-on coach and instructor.  In fact, it was only through this ride that I was able to appreciate the use of proper shifting, and realized climbing hills is not bad at all. A great confidence booster! I never thought I’d reach a day where I’d be able to ride a road bike with so much fun!

As for my bike, well,  it ended up in the bike shop that morning for tube replacement and tune up.  So what’s next? On to the next level, which is the proper way of using cycling shoes (2016).  That said, super thanks Pat for letting me use your extra wheel, and most importantly, for sharing your time and expertise!

An honor to be riding with one of the best coaches "with a heart" (photo / Pat Joson)
An honor to be riding with one of the best coaches “with a heart” (photo / Pat Joson)
About Patrick Joson and his Cycling Class*

Patrick Joson (Pat or coach Pat to many) advocates locally made products and safe cycling.  He is  the Multisport magazine editor in chief and founder of Jumpstart and Fondo Manila. A certified International Triathlon Union level 2 coach who specializes in the biomechanics of movements.  To top it off, he pursued his further studies in the United States and learned the Pose Method from Dr. Nicholas Romanov himself, creator of Pose Method. The Pose Method of Running Technique or POSE Running is an approach to running which was developed in former Soviet Union in 1977. Twenty years later, it was introduced in the United States and eventually to the public.

Level one Cycling Class is highly recommended for those who can ride a bike, but are not very confident about their cycling abilities.