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Learn the Basics of Climbing, 23 January 2016

This January, Fondo Manila brings another cycling class on climbing, a skill that every biker must learn.  Interested? Here are the details:

The Basics of Climbing
by Fondo Manila through coach Patrick Joson
23 January 2016, Saturday 6:00 AM
Coffee Trail & Cyclery
Solenad 3 Nuvali

Class is limited to twenty persons only so reserve a slot now. Participation fee is Php 1500 and Php 1000 for paid Fondo Baguio registrants.  Kindly visit Fondo Manila’s Facebook Page for payment scheme or send a message at mobile number +632 917.527.7141 for details.   You may want to study in advance the bike route HERE.

Bike handling season is on!

Share the Road Campaign with Avida

A month has passed since I fell on a road bike so the strategy was to be more conservative in terms of speed.  Still recovering confidence from that  accident you see. 

 simple invite from friends a couple of weeks ago was what prompted me to immediately sign up for a FREE non-competitive cycling event which covered 20-km to 60-km distance in Nuvali dubbed as Share The Road with Avida an advocacy to educate not only bike riders but also vehicle drivers; hence, safer roads for everyone.  

A timely and a good tune up to know more about road safety and laws governing bike lanes, and be more familiar with the terrain of Nuvali even though I have run the route (in road and trail races)  before.    

Many thanks to fellow Happy Feet James, a member of Greenhills Triathlon Group, who fetched me from my place.  We both received the free Ride the Philippines Project cap being one of the the first 100 participants to arrive and register early at the venue.

It was also nice to bump into Happy Feeters/running bloggers Rod and Bobby including “master” Mon who just like James,  a member of Greenhills Triathlon Group.   It was sort of an impromptu reunion only this time not in a running event.

Cycling School coaches Patrick Joson of ITU Cycling Efficiency and Chris Allison of the National Cycling Team shared tips on how to be a better and responsible biker out there.

Photo by Fondo Manila

Environmental advocate Atty. Tony Oposa shared the short and long-term plans on how to further the cause on road safety and having lanes for bikers not only in Metro Manila but also in any part of the country.   A quick photo op followed after the briefing.   

Photo by Fondo Manila
The riders (Photo by Fondo Manila)

Excited to finally round the terrain, I slowly pedaled just enough to get the feel of it.  Bike handling was put to the test through the rolling terrain of Nuvali.  I did notice some participants were so quick that maneuvering either the uphill or downhill turned out to be easy for them.  Not for me though. Riding downhill at a speed of 45-50km/h  was a new experience.  Then the unfortunate thing happened.  A flat tyre (front wheel)!   Aaargh! At least it happened as I was approaching the Security Gate. No bike crash this time.  Just a tyre problem.

At my request, security staff immediately radioed their Rescue Unit.   So help was on the way.  While waiting, couldn’t help but felt envious every time bikers passed by.

Minutes ticked slowly until I saw the first batch of bikers from our group whizzed by.  One shouted (leadman coach Pat) that my tyre would be replaced anytime soon.  Woohoo! True enough, both Rescue Unit vehicle and that of Team Fondo Manila (FM) arrived at the same time to rescue me and the bike.  Couldn’t be more happy!  In less than a few minutes, the tyre inner tube was replaced by able FM staff Ambet.  Thankful of the help, I informed them that I had to go back and start again to at least complete a loop.

The whole time I was biking, the FM Team never left me. Their car followed me and overtook me  only to give instructions and point directions.   They ( Ambet and Kelvin) made sure I was safe, too.

That said, very grateful to Fondo Manila.  If not for them, I wouldn’t have completed the route.  Super duper thanks to James, Pat, Fondo Manila (Rescue and Registration Teams), Nuvali Rescue Team for the assistance and to master Mon for opening your home to your Happy Feet friends. 

It was organized by Fondo Manila and Ride the Philippines Project in cooperation with Avida at Nuvali Evoliving, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. 

Overall, the cycling event was a huge success! Congratulations to all cyclists who participated and supported the cause!