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Indoor Cycling at Saddle Row Studio

Saturday mornings I always find time to cycle on the road when I’m not scheduled to swim.  So glad to know that I’m going to do something different even if the sky looks gloomy.  Obviously, it rained a little earlier.  An indoor activity is a good option.  “Perfect,” I said to myself.

In any undertaking sometimes it’s the first step that’s most difficult.  That’s why it is important to learn and master a skill from highly experienced or trained instructors.

Attending a cycling class at Saddle Row is my way of learning the ropes of biking.  No idea of what will happen except it’s a one and a half hour (1:30:00) continuous spinning* using stationary bicycles and some basic cycling moves.  Great thanks to runner-friend-fellow-running-blogger-turned-hardcore-triathlete Mark who patiently answered my queries about the studio.  Checking the class schedules beforehand, there’s no chance I can be in Mark’s class hence it was agreed to try instructor Raymond’s time slot instead.

*Indoor cycling, also known as spinning, is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, intervals, strength, high intensity and recovery, and uses stationary bicycle.  

The bikes

At Saddle Row, there are three types of cycling classes.  These are Exchange, Underground, and Resistance.  Exchange is metrics driven and uses intervals.  Underground involves dance moves while spinning.  In short, you can dance to a fun fast-paced ride.  Resistance is a challenging full body workout with core and upper body strengthening.  I choose the Exchange class. In Exchange, the focus is cadence in cycling or pedal speed, which is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) and the challenge is how much time one can hold every single cycling activity. Nice! ♡ it!

You can hardly see me … good thing I wore the white Transition One  suit.

There are five of us in the 7 AM slot–three men and two women.  Instructor Raymond lends me a bike shoe first since my cleats are not compatible with the studio’s bike pedals.  Please note, Saddle Row provides free use of bike shoes.  Winner, right?!  Also, you don’t have to worry your stuff or valuables getting lost since lockers are available at no extra cost again. Saddle Row is comfortable, clean, and well maintained.  To top it off, there are shower cubicles so you can freshen up and change after. 

Bike shoe at Saddle Row using Shimano cleats
The women’s shower room

After the instructor showed us how to operate or manipulate the bike,  spinning class commences with slow-tempo, picks up the pace in between and ends slow-tempo.  There’s a big screen in front of us where we can see each other’s info and progress in terms of power, rpm, and energy.  Throughout lights are dimmed with background music being played while we are pedaling in the next 1.5 hours.  By the way, the 1.5-hour workout is equivalent to almost three hours outdoors. There are quick and short breaks, too, to either hydrate or go to the bathroom.

Overall, it is a good workout and I’m glad to have tried the Exchange class and finished pedaling a distance of 26.56 KMs. What a challenging interval workout!  It is tiring for someone who’s new to spinning but it will not stop me from trying this thing called Underground. 

If you want to experience a sense of achievement then get into Saddle Row class and give it a try. It is located at 2F Serendra in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Saddle Row is also offering discounts until the end of this month.  



Saddle Row’s plan for next year is to “cook” fitness assessments and programs that will lead up to races. This is something to look forward to!

Thank you saddle Row! Special shout out to Jammy, and triathlete Raymond for being such good spinning instructor. And, to Mark Hernandez of Team Gotta salamat for everything!