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2017 Year Ender

Last ender was written and published in 2014 saying, “world renowned ultra distance runner Scott Jurek gave me the inspiration to try harder or “to dig deep” in 2015. So I signed up in an Ironman event, the 2016  Cobra IM 70.3.

It’s time to not only see how I did since then but also this past year.  Somehow it brought me back to the time when I finally owned my first bike in 2015, which eventually led me to embrace triathlon (tri) races and do other challenges other than running. Finishing the inaugural Sunrise sprint tri on the podium in my age group and the Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu highlighted my tri experience in 2016. Yes, this didn’t stop me to dream because “when you make a good wish, no dream is too big, no dreamer is too small.” So in 2017, it was indeed a reverse for me especially in tri races where I finally experienced how it was to race in standard or olympic tri and duathlon or run-bike-run races only after having to experience a 70.3 first the year before.

In summary, I have finished (may have forgotten to include some in the list) 57 races. This number covered races from where I left off in 2014 and up to the month of November in 2017 with seven podium finishes, six triathlons including a half Ironman tri distance, a 68.9-km ultramarathon, a 50-km mountain/trail run, two marathons, two 32Ks, 15 half marathons, ten 10-km distances, a two-km open water challenge, three 16Ks, five 5Ks, and the rest are other distances, eg 4 x 100m relay, 1500m relay, endurance trail running, etc., or multisports such as the 40-km “challenge” cycling event, aquathlon, duathlon among others. To top it off, 2017 was the tenth year blog anniversary of Running Diva. This is not much but I’m grateful to have reached this far. I know I should have written more this past year, but sometimes good things are better imprinted in the recesses of our memories. That said, I thank all of you who were part of this three-year journey.

Year’s end is not the end nor the beginning, but a going on … it’s something to look forward to!

Bye 2017, hello 2018!