This Blog is now in its Third Year

Back in 2007, I wrote:

My running background is like almost every newbie runner in the world. One day a three-kilometer run for a cause by a non-governmental organization was organized and that was it. I was hooked. Started training on my own and never realized that I would be seeing myself joining races ...

So what were the triumphs of this runner? I would say not much. There’s just so much to do and many things to improve on.

But if I have to dissect each year, this past year showed one 5K, two 10Ks, five 15Ks, fourteen 21Ks, one 30K, three 42Ks, one ultramarathon, and two aquathlons, coupled with some awards and as an official pacer for a half marathon distance in an international event.

The above achievements didn’t matter at all. What matters really, if I have to dig deeply, are friends gained and lessons learned during my journey as a runner. For this milestone, I thank God and the many people who made it possible.