Thorlos® Socks Finally … in the Philippines!

30 March 2012 – This should have been posted a long time ago but there was never enough time with the long holidays looming back then.  I literally paused from blogging and spent time getting in touch with my spirituality during Holy Week by attending religious activities, visiting old churches, connecting with nature, and visiting my sibling’s family and relatives.   

Thorlos® Review and Giveaway

Anyway, I saw this brand name in one of the leading sports specialty stores before its launch to the media.  Luckily, I was invited to attend its launch and was given FREE two pairs of Thorlos® socks.  I tried it on during my 21-km long slow distance (LSD), used it again during a running clinic, and again when I did a 25-km LSD last Saturday.  Overall, it was a comfortable ride.  I still have yet to try the other pair and its Thorlos® Experia model for ultra distance running.  I’ve tried Experia once during a gait analysis and found its snug fit very comfortable plus the colors are really nice.   Downside: Thorlos® socks need a much bigger size of shoe to really feel maximum comfort.  Each pair is a bit pricey as compared to other regular running socks but not too pricey as compared to other leading brands.  Upside: Owning a pair is a good investment if you’re after of foot comfort, durability, and protection.

Thorlos® Philippines

Thorlos® is exclusively distributed by Colerosh, Inc. Today, with the economic and sports trends followed by consumers and deeper emphasis on health, more scientific approaches to optimized performance, global online market, inclination to more durable products, Thorlos® has slowly evolved into one of the sought after socks brand in the country.

It is available at Toby’s, Riovana, Planet Sports, R.O.X., RUNNR, The Athlete’s Foot, Rustan’s, Second Wind, Titan, and Wackwack Pro Shop.

For your questions and other concerns about the product, please feel free to get in touch with Kalvin Sangalang, Operations Manager-Thorlos® by emailing him at You may also visit Thorlos® Philippines web site.

Why Thorlos®? 

Since its inception in 1953, Thorlos® has invested in scientific research and development to provide the best foot protection in the market.  All of their products incorporate the seven elements known as the pillar of Thorlos®‘ famous Comfort Science: posture, shear, pressure, temperature, circulation, stimulus, and moisture.

To date, Thorlos® constantly researches for the most sophisticated fiber, yarn, and knitting technology available and combining these to form innovative lines of socks with foot protection benefits that can be found in no other brands. 

Thorlos® has been the original and world’s leading sports and activity specific sock brand and is available to consumers throughout the United States and in over 33 countries worldwide.  No outsourcing and material substitutions have been done since the start of the company, hence, all Thorlos® socks around the world were made through the strictest quality control of the company in North Carolina, USA.

Thorlos® for Women 

Another major initiative for Thorlos® was the recognition that the size, shape, and proportions of the woman’s feet are distinct from a man’s.  After studying the unique forces and materials women’s shoes offer, Thorlos®’ line for women was born.  The result was a better shoe or boot fit, more foot protection, comfort, enhanced performance, and healthier feet.

Some Fast Facts About Thorlos®

Thorlos® is the one of the very few global pure socks brands in the Philippines, others are locally produced while other brands offer socks as side products only.

Thorlos® is the brand of socks with the widest selection for all the popular sports and lifestyle activities.

Thorlos emphasizes education on the importance of FOOT-SHOE-SOCKS-FIT experience to draw maximum benefits, protection and comfort.

Thorlos® is one of the few sports brands backed up by well-explained science and recipient of numerous awards and endorsements by scientific institutions, medical societies and athletic groups. 

Thorlos® socks cannot be faked and each and every pair was made using patented machines, yarns (particularly THOR-LON) and designs.