Women’s Health “Are You Game?”

Quench your thirst for something new this March! Register to Women’s Health (WH) “ARE YOU GAME?” event and you can tag along a friend for FREE! Pre-registration is valid until March 21 only!

Just simply follow these pre-registration procedures:
1. Email your full name/e-mail address/age/name of your friend to whareyougame2012@gmail.com.
2. Subject of the e-mail should read:
    a. WH Are You Game – Facebook (if you found WH AYG on Facebook)
    b. WH Are You Game – Subscriber (if you found WH AYG via email/SMS)
    c. WH Are You Game – Office Bulletin (if your office is one of our WH office tour partners)
3. Wait for the reply from WH about your pre-registration confirmation.
So easy, right?  See you there ladies!