Women’s Health Magazine July Issue on Staying Fit and Best Packaged Food for Women

I had the chance to attend once again the Women’s Health Are You Game event at the Music Hall of Mall of Asia last June 1.  It was a day of beauty, wellness, fitness, and other cool activities.  Thanks to Karina of Summit Media for reserving me a slot to try one of the six workout classes called Flexibility Not Required (FNR), a fun way of doing beginner’s yoga without having to worry of not being strong or flexible enough.  Though there were some moves I found very challenging, but my experience in Bikram yoga helped a lot.  

Anyway, I’m sharing with you here the press release of Women’s Health with sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga on the cover of the July issue magazine.  It also features their top 100 pick of best packaged food for women which you can get from the supermarket without ruining your diet

Alex and Toni Gonzaga talk to Women’s Health
on staying fit and on their love lives
Alex and Toni Gonzaga arrived at the Women’s Health shoot in coordinated outfits and with ease between them that shows they make up a good team—in their family, in their industry, and in their pursuit for a healthy lifestyle. From their amusing banter to their mutual admiration, Alex and Toni exhibit a certain closeness that brings joy to their sisterhood.  Women’s Health quizzed the Gonzaga sisters on their relationship as sisters and on how they maintain their physique.
It’s a mix of Bikram yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Pilates for Alex; while it’s ballroom dancing for Toni. Alex goes easy on the rice; while Toni eats everything in moderation. Each has her own style, each has her unique qualities.
Toni believes in keeping things balanced. “I don’t want to sacrifice my health just because I’m busy with work. It’s very important that you don’t lose that balance. I work hard, but I also want to look good and feel good.” Alex gets motivated when she sees the outcome of her workouts. “Kapag nakikita ko kahit konting results, lalo na when I see my arms getting toned, mas nakaka-motivate. Parang ‘Ay! Malapit ko nang ma-achieve ‘yung gusto ko!”
But when it comes to matters of the heart, the sisters take two different roads. Alex enjoys being single and decides not to rush things. “Yung lalaki na para sa iyo, whatever happens, he will pursue you. Kahit anong gawin mong alis or layo sa kanya, babagsak at babagsak kayo talaga.”
On the other hand, Toni is in a relationship with director Paul Soriano. So, what’s her advice for women in relationship? “Respect is very important,” says Toni. “Put God in the center of the relationship, that makes it stronger because your foundation is solid.”

Know more about these sisters as they talk about their take on the road to success and reaching the top in the July issue of Women’s Health.  You can download the current issue and past issues of Women’s Health online here.  You may also like WomensHealthPhilippines on Facebook and follow @WomensHealthPH on Twitter and Instagram.